Customer Retention Specialists

Align Customer Touchpoints through Integrating Customer Expectations and Employee Service Delivery Data

Does your brand promise and service delivery align?   

We help you make sure your customers receive 'what they expect' with every interaction and encounter they have with your business.  
Assess Customer Interface 

Assess the alignment of your sales promise and service delivery data, conduct research to gather current data.

Interface Gap Analysis 

Analyse datasets and conduct gap analysis on alignment of customer interface, identify pivotal gaps.

 Align Insights, Agree Action

Integrate insights from datasets, develop actions and workshop how to implement. Gain stakeholder agreement. 

Setup Interface Monitoring

Establish customer interface monioring  feedback loop, adapt sales, and or service delivery to retain customers.

Customers Prefer to Stay  

              Decades into our customer-driven market place, sales efforts still outstrip service efforts.                      Sales attitudes are up-beat and full of promises. Service attitudes are down-beat and full of sorry.                      Bottom line is customers prefer to stay and buy more, how are you enabling them to stay?

What is Customer Centric?

 Consistent customer experience from point of sale, to delivery and ongoing service. Expectation is set at point of sale.

Sales Behaviours 

Typically, sales staff are up-beat and competition can promote embellishment and over-promising to get the sale.

Service Behaviours 

Service staff are down-beat due to dealing, daily, with 'delivery underwhelm' caused  by 'inflated' sales promises.

Happy Customers Buy Again

A consistent experience fosters trust, and promotes customers to repeat buy, and or make additional purchases.

Case Studies 

The following narratives outline how some of our clients have transfromed their customer interface with far reaching results. An indirect, but perpetuating result, is the shift in motivation with employee's.   

  "We had no idea that customer service could be so satisfying. When customers expectations are being met, they call for different reasons and are rarely upset. They are polite and grateful for our help".

Facilities Management

This industry has a legacy of 'outsourcing problems'. "Its off my desk and your problem now".

Our client has changed the whole landscape with the vendors customers/constituents, who now trust that services will be delivered on time. Moreover, if there are delays, customers are told - its that simple let us know. 

Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics is an increasingly important industry as more things move online. 

Our client has streamlined their entire customer interface, which includes outsourced suppliers acting on their behalf. The service 'message' with every customer interaction, verbal and non-verbal, is consistently seamless. 

Energy Generation

This industry is fraught with balancing climate change and  demand for energy in an increasingly technological world. 

Our client's reputation transformed from 'bad guys' to responsible energy suppliers with stakeholders and the public, by testing and adapting the effect of message semantics and tone. 


Government is bound to operate by regulations, which causes frustration to customers and risks complacency with employees. 

Our client realised  the words and tone used when explaining a restriction, determined the experience of the interaction with both parties. Change transformed satisfaction scores to new highs.

We provide end to end customer, constituent retention and improved experience services. 

  The world is indiviudal and customer centric. Experiences at the interface of organisations supplying                      any product or service, have a tremendous impact on people's quality of life.                                The days of an interaction being an isolated event are over.  The experiences with both customers and employees can make or ruin peoples day.

About Us

Led by Dr. Lucia Kelleher, we are business advisors, researchers and behavioural scientists and have decades of experience across the gamet of business advisory consulting. We specialise in assisting our clients to ensure every transaction across the customer interface is  seamless.  

Any misalignment with the encounters customers have with your business, be that virtually or via a human, will damage your reputation, risk losing customers and cause your staff to be disatisifed and unmotivated.

This creates a perpetual negative feedback loop, risks promoting customers to leave, and opens you to the risk of poor performance with staff, or the good ones will leave. 

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